Shabana Khatun, a resident of Gabura in Bangladesh’s Satkhira district, attended the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference in Denmark as a consultant of these tormented by weather change. There he advised the sector leaders approximately the excellent misery.
Climate affected Sharbanu Khatun of Gabura union in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira
Gabura is a densely populated union adjacent to the ocean and the Sundarbans in Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district withinside the southern part of Bangladesh. Gabura is one of the maximum affected coastal cities withinside the united states of America because of the outcomes of weather alternate. Salinity, cyclones, tidal surges, excessive scarcity of potable water – these kinds of herbal calamities are the each-day partners of the humans of Gabura. The plight of the humans right here is growing with the growing sea degree because of weather alternate across the world.
But the position of Gabura human beings or small and growing nations like Bangladesh is negligible in the back of weather change. The human beings of Gabura, the humans of Bangladesh, are the sufferers of unbridled carbon emissions from wealthy and industrialized nations.
From Copenhagen to Paris, from there to Glasgow – one weather convention after another. World leaders have made diverse promises. The industrialized and wealthy nations have additionally promised. But in fact, the paintings changed into now no longer visible very much.
The United Nations Global Conference on Climate Change (COP-28) is underway in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the years, bad and growing international locations have time and again warned approximately weather to extrude at those worldwide events. It has been urging the wealthy to decrease weather extrude for destiny generations. They are searching for reimbursement for the results of their actions.

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